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Captain Joshua Slocum is credited with making the first single-handed voyage around the world, departing from Boston in April, 1895 and arriving in Newport in June, 1898 after a journey of some forty-six thousand miles.

The animation presented here is organised by the chapters of Slocum's book and within that into the significant passages that made up his voyage.


To view the voyage:

  • Click on the 'Voyage' tab.
  • Click on a chapter.
  • Click on the passage that interests you.

While the presentation is playing, you can use the Play controls to pause, play backwards or forwards, or exit.

After you select a leg of the voyage, the text for that part of Slocum's book is available by clicking on the 'Text' tab.


This presentation of Captain Joshua Slocum's first solo voyage around the world, comprising the Google Earth animation and audio accompaniment, was developed by Colin Hazlehurst.

You can contact him with your observations, questions, and suggestions at this email address.

The introductory music is the opening fanfare from Richard Strauss's tone poem Also Sprach Zarathustra and is extracted from a performance in which Barbara Schubert conducts the University of Chicago Symphony Orchestra. The music is available under a Creative Commons Licence, and permission was granted by Eric Pancer to create this derivative work. Thank you.

The 3D model of the Spray was created by Mike Halls of Mesh-3D