Atlantic (outward bound)

Cape Horn

South Pacific

Approaching Tahiti

Tahiti to New Zealand

New Zealand - North Island

New Zealand - South Island


Australia to Batavia

Batavia to Cape of Good Hope

Atlantic (homeward bound)

To view the voyage:

  • Select the part of the voyage you want to view by clicking on it e.g. 'Australia'.
  • Select and click a date range to show its passages.
  • Load a passage by clicking its title. The passage will start to play automatically.

While the presentation is playing, you can use the Play controls to pause, play backwards or forwards, or exit.

Note: the presentation fetches information as required. The amount of patience you require will depend on the size of the data file retrieved and the speed of your internet connection

The 3D model of a sailing ship is used by kind permission of its creator Phillip Müller. Thank you.

The introductory music is the opening fanfare from Richard Strauss's tone poem Also Sprach Zarathustra and is extracted from a performance in which Barbara Schubert conducts the University of Chicago Symphony Orchestra. The music is available under a Creative Commons Licence, and permission was granted by Eric Pancer to create this derivative work. Thank you.

The presentation of Cook's first voyage comprises Google Earth KML and the audio rendition of Cook's journal, both of which were created by Colin Hazlehurst. You can contact him with your observations, questions, and suggestions at:

The source texts for this work were: the Project Gutenberg version of Captain Cook's Journal During His First Voyage Round The World, making frequent reference to the original manuscript made available by the National Library of Australia wherever anomalies and errors were apparent in the former.